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Jazz - 21/6/2010 um 07:29

You mean Transformers Fan Convention. Don't forget the Fan.

Scourge - 20/6/2010 um 19:58

The first German Transformers Fan Convention had to be promoted, of course.
And how do you do such a thing? You make contact with people of todays local press. NTF-Archive was contacted by several important and well known German newspapers, that where trying to get some information about Transformers in general and the upcoming convention as well. Here you find a little overview about these articles.

NTF C.O.N.S. 2009 - Press

Beside these articles, NTF-Archive also published news on all big Transformers websites around the world. You can find these news on these links:

C.O.N.S. News on Transformers@TheMoon
C.O.N.S. News on (Englisch/English)
C.O.N.S. Thema/Topic on (Englisch/English)
C.O.N.S. Thema on (Höllandisch/Netherlands)

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