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Autor: Betreff: C.O.N.S. 2010 - Custom Contest

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red_folder.gif erstellt am: 1/3/2010 um 19:37  
So of dear Customizer of NTF, as I have already announced that I will inform today of the set of rules for the Custom contest in 2010. so the rules are as follows, exactly same as from the Custom contest in 2009 only with the difference that this sometimes the subject not 25 years of transformers is, but transformers in 2010 (Us version Relay 3).

So here over again the rules for the already registered Customizer and for the new coming Customizer.

- One has to do a W.I.P. (Work in progress) documentation can show that is you document your results step by step with photos and text around your work to describe. If one cannot show this on the C.O.N.S. one disqualified.
- On the W.I.P. The user NTF name never mind the true names is not allowed to do documentation.
- One is allowed to do the W.I.P. Phases in the NTF do not publish never mind of it talks in the public forum, one is disqualified.
- The subject refers this spot on the transformers in 2010 series (the US version Relay 3) and the 86th movie.
- Of the delivery appointment has to go before the C.O.N.S. Be or if one to the C.O.N.S. can should come to deliver one this also.
- For those do not appear to the C.O.N.S. personally and her Custom send is valid: If you want to have the Custom after the C.O.N.S. back, you must provide for the forwarding expenses.
- The Voyager size may not be crossed, however, nevertheless, one is able to do two Deluxe figures, or three scouts or even four Legends use figures, however, considers the Customs if these several are must be calculated as a figure. And in the phase WIP will be bundled up in a work and not several!

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C.O.N.S.™ Star ®

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Geschlecht: _YA_FEMALE
red_folder.gif erstellt am: 3/11/2010 um 20:07  
The C.O.N.S. 2010 is over and here comes the winner of the Custom Contest.

The winner is: Black Zarak

The second figure from right ^^


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» C.O.N.S. 2010 - English » C.O.N.S. 2010 - General & News » C.O.N.S. 2010 - Custom Contest Nach oben


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